It’s not the weather, it’s not the ads. It’s the customer experience.

So here we are again.  Time for the annual ‘retailers post disappointing Xmas trading results’ headlines.  This year, I’m not looking at the correlation between their results and their ad campaigns, I’m having a think about the relationship between their results and the in-store experience. With retail sales overall up 5.3%, and some brands delivering up to 20-30% growth online, it shows just how badly the poor performers have done. Over at M&S (down 2.1%), [...]

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Merry Christmas Adverts!

'Tis the season to be jolly, so this month - in the great tradition of Campaign’s ‘Private View’ – the MarketingMog has been reviewing the annual crop of retailer Christmas adverts and wondering if any themes have emerged in this depth-of-recession year… First up, John Lewis. The MarketingMog is pretty cynical about these annual schmaltz-fests from a team that seem a little too interested in their own PR, but ‘The Snowman's Journey’ is a definite improvement on last year’s ‘Seven’ inspired [...]

John Lewis has depressed me

Can I have a word about John Lewis? I know much has already been written about their new ‘Always a Woman’ 91 second brand film (that extra second makes all the difference), but it’s really bugging me. Now, I love Johnny Lewis.  Shop there all the time, watched the documentary on BBC2 etc etc.  But this just makes me depressed.  For lots of reasons. First off is the ‘one minute you’re a happy little girl [...]

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