A recipe for marketing failure?

Poor, beleaguered BBC. Only our Eton Mess of a Government would think it needs bringing down a peg or two. The rest of us (and much of the world) think it’s a bloody amazing institution that we’re all very lucky to have (much like the NHS, but that’s another story). My TV license is half the price of my basic Sky subscription but provides immeasurably more information and entertainment every month. However, this week’s online [...]

How The Apprentice could showcase a better way to do business

Now, I love The Apprentice – I know sometimes you just want to give the contestants a good slap - but I’m hooked.  Haven’t missed an episode since it started.  And I’ve always had a soft-spot for Lord Siralan Sugar.  But I found this week’s episode of Young Apprentice (the flower selling task) really frustrating, as it missed a golden opportunity to promote a better way of doing business. It was one of those episodes [...]

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