Modern Morality: Right Sentiment, Wrong Phrase?

Back in February, I wrote a post entitled ‘Time for Some Moral Marketing’.  It was prompted by Marc Mathieu of Unilever arguing that it was time for marketing to get back to “the origins of the discipline… as a way to drive social progress as well as sales”. I’ve long believed that business – not just the marketing department – should play fairly and ethically.  In his book ‘Screw Business as Usual’, Richard Branson ably [...]

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It’s all about the chemistry

As a Marketing Director who has run countless pitches for some very big organisations, I have witnessed many a good agency needlessly trip-up in the very first chemistry meeting.  Fortunately, the most common pitfalls are easy to avoid with a bit of preparation and attention to detail… So here are my Top Ten Tips for productive and successful chemistry meetings; Be Prepared.  It’s a job interview, so do your homework.  To be honest, I’ve interviewed [...]

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John Lewis has depressed me

Can I have a word about John Lewis? I know much has already been written about their new ‘Always a Woman’ 91 second brand film (that extra second makes all the difference), but it’s really bugging me. Now, I love Johnny Lewis.  Shop there all the time, watched the documentary on BBC2 etc etc.  But this just makes me depressed.  For lots of reasons. First off is the ‘one minute you’re a happy little girl [...]

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