I recently had the pleasure of chatting to Jenny Plant, host of the Creative Agency Account Manager podcast, about the working relationship between agency account managers and clients.

As a Marketing Director who’s also worked agency side and has over 25 years of client experience, I’ve got quite a few thoughts on this topic!

On this podcast, I share lots of insights and give some advice and tips on:

  • How to engage with your clients when they’re not responding to you
  • Why you need to understand the role and pressures of your clients
  • One way to make a cold approach to a prospective client
  • Why it’s a great idea to ask your client for referrals
  • The worst thing agencies can do during meetings and pitches
  • Why being genuine and empathetic is key to the relationship
  • Why you need to understand the client’s product to be credible
  • Why the traditional pitch process needs to change
  • What clients want most from their account managers
  • Why agencies should ask for direct feedback after a pitch
  • Why clients don’t always know what needs to go into a pitch brief

According to Jenny, this episode “is a must listen if you’re in an agency account management role.”

You can listen to the full podcast here.

Of if you’d rather watch us chat away in full technicolour, click here.

And if you want some more great advice on a one-to-one basis, just give me a call!