Now here’s a funny story.  Recently, I was discussing a brand strategy project with a client and one of their (non-marketing) board members – who wasn’t directly involved in the project.  As I outlined how a marketing strategy must to be aligned to the broader business strategy to be fully effective, he turned to his colleague and said, “What is our strategy, anyway?”

Aside from the *ahem* obvious concern that a board member was questioning the existence and/or corporate understanding of the business strategy, it got me thinking that, for some clients, the idea of a ‘full strategic review’ can be pretty daunting – implying lots of time, lots of cost and lots of upheaval. Equally unnerving is the idea that the end result might mean pointing everyone in a completely different direction.

When you start unpicking and challenging what a business is doing, it does shine a light on areas that even the most senior staff may have just assumed to be in place. But the reality is you don’t need to commit to a full review to enjoy long-term benefits.

As an experienced consultant who’s worked in many different sectors, I can easily spot the ‘quick wins’ and implement best practice from other businesses.  An objective, external perspective can pay dividends in a matter of weeks, and is ideal if your business doesn’t have the time, need or money for a full strategic review, or has a specific challenge that needs immediate focus.

Last week, the media celebrated the news that the recession is officially ‘over’.  Businesses that have survived this long recession have done an amazing job. As we all emerge into the sunlight of a ‘thriving’ economy, now is the perfect time to give your key marketing activities a bit of a ‘health check’.  I can help make sure your business is still heading in the right direction by looking at;

  • Customer Segmentation – gaining a better understanding of current & future customer attitudes and behaviours
  • Market Positioning – being best placed to compete in an ever changing competitive environment
  • Brand Strategy – ensuring your brand’s values, positioning and verbal & visual guidelines are clear and relevant
  • Comms Planning – moving away from a reliance on short-term, tactical or key date marketing
  • Digital Marketing – ensuring all activity is current (Social Media Planning, effective eCRM, understanding ‘Big Data’ etc)
  • Agency Resourcing – making sure you have the right agencies for the task, and that they’re managed and collaborating effectively
  • Ways of Working – getting internal and external teams to work more effectively and more collaboratively

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