Dear Rishi Sunak… An Open Letter

Back in April, when you announced that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) was being extended to include the salaries – but not dividends - of sole director companies, many of us were relieved to hear that we’d at least be getting some help.  But then you suggested that dividends were being excluded as you were suspicious of small business directors paying themselves in this way, and that this was "something the government needed [...]

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Did the Labour Party deliberately hire an interim?

Since his election, hundreds of articles have been written about Jeremy Corbyn's  electability and whether he even wants the top job.  But I wonder if the Labour Party, understanding the need for dramatic change after Ed Miliband's performance, have  actually appointed an interim... It takes a brave organization to employ someone completely different from the usual hire, but as Einstein once said, doing the same thing you’ve always done and expecting a different result is the [...]

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Interims – temporary AND talented!

Just before we all went Jubilee-crazy, both Marketing and Marketing Week ran big features on the increasing use of interims.  It’s good to see some healthy interest in the profession. It was a shame that Marketing chose to include a completely unsubstantiated “Top 5 Pitfalls” in their piece, which included things like; a lack involvement and dedication, a lack of accountability and the risk of compromising company confidentiality.  When your income depends on your reputation, [...]

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